VAL Work Concluded

VAL Work Concluded

This is a friendly update post-internship at Virtual Athletics League! I just finished updating the site with some interesting core information regarding my work there. Definitely go take a look at the new VAL subpage in my portfolio.

Working at VAL was incredible: from this internship, I really solidified my love for logic systems and algorithms. I am 100% a backend guy! I even started development on another project, which will be a server-hosted Discord bot. This will be an incredibly backend-heavy project, also furthering my experience in web-hosting.

At VAL, I helped the Matthew, the Lead Software Engineer, on a daily basis with backend maintenance. As I joined, the tournament system was still just starting out on the site. Matthew and I dove straight into coding and testing the features, oftentimes needing to call to discuss solutions. I find this type of activity incredibly engaging.

That’s all for now. Next time around, I’ll give you an update on how the bot development is coming along. Exciting stuff!

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